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Cedar River is a dream…

It’s our dream.

All of our guests remark about the breathtaking river view and the majestic, encircling trees, but it is the feeling you get when you step onto the property that really brings the dream into reality. The river’s lullaby soothes even the most harried person, and die-hard city folk lose track of time when they stroll the grounds.

From day one, Jeremiah and I knew this was a special place. A place to get lost … a place to find yourself … and, most importantly, the place our family and friends lovingly call “heaven on earth”.

Wedding Venue Near Newport Washington We have spent countless hours working to create a uniquely beautiful home and event venue site.

Originally, the main venue site was created to facilitate our own, joyous 50's inspired wedding, but we quickly began dreaming of the day we could offer our little piece of ‘heaven on the river’ to other couples with the same passion for time with loved ones, nature, water, and natural beauty.

Cedar River is the organic manifestation of the enjoyment we have for celebrations of love, family and life.

Jeremiah is an accomplished local and destination wedding photographer with firm roots in the Pacific and Inland Northwest culture. Jeremiah brings his passion for the outdoors into all of his work, and nowhere is he more inspired than on the grounds of Cedar River. As an avid fisherman, Jeremiah happily escapes the outside world on the waters of Priest River with his trusty rod and reel. When he’s not on the water Jeremiah spends days walking the grounds discovering the limitless bounty of the land. Abundant wildlife, pristine waters, and seemingly enchanted forest nooks keep Jeremiah behind the camera’s lens even when he's at home.

I also love the natural beauty of Priest River and seek to move into an increasingly sustainable lifestyle with our family. With a heavy background in operations management and a degree in Sustainable Enterprise Management, I am focused on imparting a sense of stewardship of the land and natural resources to our children. I believe Cedar River’s grounds make the perfect natural learning and ‘growing’ environment for fruits, veggies, edible flowers, and hops. I enjoy cultivating the expansive green areas with a focus on sustainability central to any development. I also feed my artistic passions by creating and displaying eclectic visual art in the gardens and forested sitting areas.

Jeremiah and I realize just how blessed we are to be able to host joyous events for dozens of happy couples each year. We hope your event will be one we celebrate with you! We welcome you into our home and our hearts … come, relax with us a bit. Enjoy our little piece of heaven for a moment. Experience Cedar River as our guest.

All my best, Shaunna